Detox Your Mind

Course Description

Detox Your Mind is the first step that you need to take to start building the life you always dreamed of and deserve to have. Just imagine a land which is perfect to build an amazing house but in that spot, there is lots of mess, garbage and old construction which has no use anymore. What do you have to do to build your beautiful house there? Correct answer: Demolish the old one first and clean the space out. This is exactly what this course will do for you. It will help to free your mind, heart, and soul from the garbage you collected over the year or lifetime. 


  • Cure depression, emotional stress, and anger
  • Change life destiny (destination you are heading)
  • Discover your life purpose and talents
  • Find balance and get rid of the chaos in your life
  • Be in harmony with yourself and your mission
  • Fix toxic relations or eliminate them
  • Organize your life and set yourself for success
  • Heal broken heart and disappointments
  • Detoxify your mind from fears and worries 


  • 35 video lessons + introduction 
  • 35+ mini tasks for each day
  • Weekly agenda for each chapter with a full overview
  • Workbooks and additional printable materials
  • 5 mini-quizzes, 1 at the end of each chapter
  • 2 goals vs. achievements surveys

We made a unique active course, meaning, you will get a video a day with the simple tasks afterward which will move you forward. The full program consists of 5 weeks and 35 video lessons, each 5-10 min. So you will get the full experience of having a personal coach for the next 35 days without actually hiring one and paying super-high fees. We made Detox Your Mind program very affordable so every woman will be able to have full mind reset to start her life from a new page. Even though the value of this program is 10x times higher. The course is truly powerful and intense and at the same time super simple and easy to follow up. 

Much Love,


Your Instructor for the Course

Hello Gorgeous,

My name is Yana, I am one of the founders of Hey Happy Bae and I will be your instructor for the course. For more than 10 years, I have been researching the secrets of femininity, beauty, wonderful relationships, and happy life. I never stop working on myself and encourage other women to do the same. There are so many ways how you can improve everything you got and take it to another level. It is just about having the right knowledge, techniques, and guidance. However, the hardest part of changing anything is to stay consistent and have a clear plan. This is how our courses are born to share everything we have got to help other women to build their perfect future. So if you want to transform your life, you in the right place. I have a perfect formula for you and lots of secrets to share.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Welcome to Detox Your Mind Course

    • Introduction: Detox Your Mind
    • A few questions before we start...
  • 2

    Week 1. DeClutter & Clean Your Space

    • Week 1 Agenda - Printable
    • Day 1. Getting Rid of Skeletons in Your Closet FREE PREVIEW
    • Day 2. Have You Ever Done a Phone Detox?
    • Day 3. Your Bathroom Secrets
    • Day 4. Clean Up Your Desk and Desktop
    • Day 5. Refresh and Redecorate Your Home
    • Day 6. Week One Wrap-Up
    • Day 7. Treat Yourself Because You're Worth It!
    • How did you do in Week 1?
  • 3

    Week 2. Mind Cleanse & Taking Back Control of Your Life

    • Week 2 Agenda - Printable
    • Day 8. Stop Blaming Your Parents FREE PREVIEW
    • A Letter to My Parents - Printable
    • Day 9. Heal Yourself from Destructive Relationships
    • Day 10. How to Heal a Broken Heart?
    • Day 11. Forgive Yourself
    • Day 12. Take 100% Ownership of Your Life
    • Day 13. Week Two Wrap-Up
    • Day 14. Treat Yourself Because You're Worth It!
    • How did you do in Week 2?
  • 4

    Week 3. The Power of Focus

    • Week 3 Agenda - Printable
    • Day 15. Where Focus Goes Energy Flows FREE PREVIEW
    • Day 16. Designing Your Weekly & Monthly Calendar
    • Weekly & Monthly Calendar - Printable PDF
    • Day 17. Learn to Be Present & Enjoy Each Moment
    • Day 18. Practicing Mindful Meditation
    • Day 19. Self-Discipline and Power of Habits
    • Day 20. Week Three Wrap-Up
    • Day 21. Treat Yourself Because You're Worth It!
    • How did you do in Week 3?
  • 5

    Week 4. Building Self Respect & Solving Inner Conflicts

    • Week 4 Agenda - Printable
    • Day 22. Start your Day Right With a Morning Ritual
    • Day 23. Do What You Like & Respect Your Choices
    • Day 24. Don’t Do What You Don’t Like & Stop Being a Victim
    • Day 25. Building Confidence & Self-Esteem
    • Day 26. Does Your Life Have a Purpose?
    • Day 27. Week Four Wrap-Up
    • Day 28. Treat Yourself Because You're Worth It!
    • How did you do in Week 4?
  • 6

    Week 5: Self-Love & Happiness Inside Out

    • Week 5 Agenda - Printable
    • Day 29. Take Care Of Your Body & Health
    • Day 30. Unconditional Love to Yourself
    • Day 31. Power of Affirmations
    • Day 32. Sharing Your Happiness & Being Grateful
    • Day 33. Make an Order to the Universe & Let it Go
    • Day 34. Week Five Wrap-Up
    • Day 35. Treat Yourself Because You're Worth It!
    • How did you do in Week 5?

Fees for Detox Your Mind Course

One time payment and lifetime usage.